Elven Woods

Along most of the eastern edge of the Freedom territories lies a wooded area nicknamed the Elven Woods. It is in this massive forest that most of the elven population in the territory can be found. Many of the elven communities have built their homes around ancient trees in order to better protect and care for them.

In addition to elves, the Elven Woods are also home to halflings, sometimes sharing the same communities with their short friends. In the northern area of the woods, close to Throktar’s Teeth, small communities of orcs and other monstrous races have set up homes.

The city of Fairlight is the capital of the Elves. The oldest part of the city is built around and atop a massive oak tree that has petrified with age. Additions to the city surround the tree. Tourists trek here from around the globe to see this wondrous city.

Here are some of the cities and towns within the Elven Woods:
Maerdon Hollows

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These are some of the tourist sites you may have heard of:
Maerdon Arboretum
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Elven Woods

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