Alexis Emberlee



Alexis has long, shiney brown hair flowing halfway down her back. The bottom of her hair is a blonde tone, fading to white. There are several tiny braids among the hair that frames her face, each braid secured with a gemstone bead.

Her traveling outfit consists of rich earth tones which look a bit finer than common folk would normally wear. She is neatly attired.

The soft scent of vanilla wafts from her when she quietly brushes past you. Light on her feet, she doesn’t seem to make much noise as she moves about.

With a glance in your direction, you discover how attractive she is. Her eyes are a vivid amethyst color, set above high cheekbones. Her lips are a soft shade of rose. She adorns her neck with an amethyst colored stone set in a key which hangs from a leather thong.


The only information you know is that Jingles sent her to work with your group.

Alexis Emberlee

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