Starting out on your own is never easy.

For one thing, if you find your back to the wall, who else is going to help you? If you wind up in the belly of a dire bear, who will know what fate befell you? Nah, starting off alone is never a good idea.

My great-grandfather was an adventurer of old. He loved to sit in front of the fireplace and regale me with tales of swordfighting and monsters and gold and an ancient dragon. I often went to bed with visions of a grand life trekking through the world, searching for danger and earning a hefty purseful of coins.

The best piece of advice he gave me was to join a guild. Said it was the best way to do it when you’re first starting out. No need to worry about having to find fellow adventurers as the guild will assign you to a group. Things will work out for you that way. Plus, there can be significant benefits to being in a guild. Skills, special abilities, extra coin, fame – all were things you could gain.

Yep. Sounds good to me. So with just a few coin in my pocket, a cantankerous mule, a backpack, and a few odds and ends, I headed out to find a guild to accept me and start my way to fame and fortunes.

Great Grandpa told me when I start out, the guild might not accept me right away. That is, I’d have to prove myself first. With a laugh, he told me they usually assign you a simple task or two to get your feet wet. “Yep, a simple task or two” he told me with a strange smirk on his face.

A simple task or two my ….

A Simple Task or Two

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