Eye of the Dagger Guild

Originally called Darian’s Investigations, the business originally handled just investigative work. Later, they also took on security details as well. In order to recruit members and expand their resources, they became a guild. The name was changed to Eye of the Dagger to better reflect the nature of the company.

The guild also takes part in the defense of Dorsey. Members are expected to establish themselves in the town in some way beneficial to the guild.

EotD fliers are posted throughout the Freedom Territory to recruit all manner of adventurers. They welcome both individuals and groups, but make it clear that members must work in teams once accepted. Applications are taken at recruiting stations several times a year. If they like what they see, a series of trials are set up for applicants to determine their worthiness. Once the tests are passed, there is an interview process. The final step for applicants is to sign a contract with the guild.

The entire process is made clear to applicants at the start so that there are no surprises. While some choose to walk away once they learn of the rigorous recruitment procedure, most are willing to give it a go. Those who make it through are considered recruits, not members, until they further establish themselves as trustworthy.

It is with this knowledge that you head to Dorsey to find the recruiters.

Eye of the Dagger Guild

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