A Simple Task or Two

Adventure log

I’ve always wanted to be an adventurer, as far back as I can remember. Seeking out adventures, fighting monstrous creatures, protecting the innocent, and earning a reputation for being a hero. Of course, all that loot wouldn’t hurt one bit either! Yet when it came time to step out the door, I was frozen in place by my own ignorance. Just where was I going to find my adventures? How was I to fight a dragon all by myself? If I wound up dead in a cave with a carrion crawler chewing on my limbs, who would ever know what had happened to me? No, I had to do this the smart way. If only I knew what that was.

My grandfather was an adventurer. He’s the one who filled my head with all these grand ideas of adventuring to begin with. If I was going to make a name for myself, I needed to find out how he started out. After all, to learn to sew, you speak to a tailor. To learn to cook, you talk to a chef. To learn how to be a good adventurer, you speak to a retired adventurer since they survived being one.

_So it was that I found myself sitting at Grandpa’s feet and listening to his tales of his first and only guild. He didn’t say much for details, just kept looking off into the distance with a secretive smile I couldn’t understand. What little he would tell me about joining one was that you often had to start with just a simple task or two, then he would laugh and repeat “a task or two!” _

When I tried to push for more information, he looked me straight in the eye and told me in a serious tone that I would have to find out on my own. Words could not teach me about loyalty or teamwork or facing fears or anything. Some things could only be learned through experiencing it yourself. Instead, he rumaged around in a back room for a good twenty minutes before returning to me. In one hand was a backpack and in the other was a sword in a scabbard. He handed them to me, then told me to find my own way and not to come back until I was satisfied with what I had found. With that, I was on my way to my first adventure – finding a guild to call home.


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